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Welcome to Lootfest! Run by the original Developers Darkness, and Lightning

This is the new site and communty of the EQ server LootFest. 

LootFest is a custom server:

-Every Item has been modified and added to lootdrops

-Each and every mob in the world has a chance to drop great stuff.

-All Items are tradeable/sharable. Yes you can get the feeling of twinking out new characters!

-Monsters have been scaled to match the increased power that items will bring them.

-Monsters above level 60 can drop weapon and armor augs that increase damage, or boost your defences.

-2 bots summonable, you can make up to 50.

-Healing spells are more potent, to match the increased hp of players on the server. Damaging spells are also more powerful.

-Bots have their ai modified so they heal better, clerics actually heal you when you need it! A few custom bot commands like #bot heal and #bot nuke have been added as well. To see a full list of commands use #bot help

-Players can use the #peqzone <zonename> command and all zones have been unlocked, explore to find the best stuff!

-Spellcasters can make use of the scribespells command if they wish.

-Custom content featuring all new items, areas, quests and tasks. Try North karana, Akheva, Discord and Citadel, Crypt of Shade, Dranik's Scar, Dranik Sewers, Crystal Caverns and Loping Plains! Custom tasks in favorite zones like Crushbone, Unrest, bothunder and more!

-Max level is now 86 and there is no exp loss or corpse retrieval when you perish.

-Many other basic gm commands are available, use #help to see them all.

- A custom hub zone in Thundercrest(zone 340) with shops, quests, skill trainers, training dummies, task givers, a custom bazaar and many helpful NPCs.

-A completely custom bazaar where it is easy to search and preview items before you buy, and easy to put up items for sale.

-A casino with an additional High roller casino with higher risks and rewards.

-Over 100 Fabled NPCs across the world with 20 ranks of difficulty. They drop armor augs and Thousands of pieces of high end armor, higher ranks drop better stuff.

-New fabled weapon augs with 20 ranks!

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